Working for the Elements

Published Sep 1, 2020 3 PM

I’m not a rich girl. 
I’ve got two jobs 
With two hard bosses 
Who don’t care about my time 
Or my sleep
Or my smile.
I’m a puzzle piece 
For the perfect company 
And I hand them their coffee 
And wait for them to spill it all over me. 
Boiling hot 
Or icy cold 
The coffee still stains my new clothes
And my salary can only take so many orders 
Of a white dress shirt. 
I’ll go bankrupt 
And then I’ll still work.

Working for the sun 
Is very very tiring. 
He’s always out 
And about.
And even when he retires 
Sleeps the hours away 
He refers to me his CEO
And the moon drives me crazy 
With late night orders 
And days of dreamless dreams 
That are reality. 
My hands are already burnt and blistered 
From the fucking heat of this company 
But he pays me by the hour 
And I never stop working 
Still, I’m wondering if retirement comes early 
For a girl without fireproof hands, 
But they say the only retirement for that 
Is death
And I’m not about to sign up for that. 

Working for the snow, 
It's like working against time. 
I’m a part-timer 
You could say
Because the snow is a part-timer 
He shows up when the cold comes in 
Cancels work days so that 
Icy rain 
Or hail
Or the wind companies 
Can take up our time 
And I want to shake him 
Tell him that we need something 
To actually bring sales up 
Life isn’t the type of market
That appreciates stagnation 
And while it likes a good failure 
Sees it as a show to enjoy with the stars 
I like this job 
I can’t afford failure. 
If I have to bring this entire company up myself 
Screw me
My hands like the break 
From searing fire anyway. 

I’m the best goddamn worker they have. 
Whatever they throw at me 
I catch 
Whether it be a 
Half-frozen snowball 
Or a goddamn black hole
I explain global warming to the masses 
Do crowd control 
And call the press for conferences 
Where the stockholders never show 
I work for the sun 
But I work for the snow 
That despises that my wages come 
From warm-toned hands 
Who hate that cold tongues 
Talk prices with me 
Over iced tea

I wonder if one day 
I'll be able to work for myself
It's a lazy dream 
The moon tells me 
And I'm off to get another round 
Of endless coffees. 

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