Published Aug 12, 2020 3 AM

To be or not to be
That is the question
Maybe Shakespeare
Or Hamlet, for that matter
Should remember
That existence
Is not
A matter
Of question

But it is
Not to be
Or not to not be
What the hell did I just say?
It doesn’t matter
Because existence
Is not a question
Or an answer
It is not
Anything more
Than your perception
But does that answer
The age old question?
To be or not to be
I call once again

It creates a question
What is it to be
What causes one to not be
Maybe that is the real question
Maybe it isn’t
Does it really matter?
No, I don’t really think so
Existence is a farce
Existence is a lie
One that we fight
To try to prove
One that we go insane over
Trying to justify
To be or not to be
That is NOT the question
What the hell do you do with your being
Why the hell would you not be
Maybe those are the real questions
Maybe they aren’t

Am I real?
Are you real?
Because we cannot prove it
What can we prove
So what’s the point
That’s for you to find out
What does that mean?
That’s a funny question

To be or not to be
Let’s take a moment
And throw our tomatoes
Or various produce
At the utter stupidity
That is the question
We should be defined as
It is not to be
Nor is it not to be
What the hell did I just say?
Does it even matter?

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